A Town in Virginia is Now Allowing Residents to Pay Parking Tickets by Donating Canned Goods


According to the news station WTVR, “The Strasburg Police Department in Shenandoah County is asking residents to donate 10 canned food items in exchange for payment on parking tickets.”

The new campaign is named the “Compassion Cupboard of Strasburg“, giving residents the ability to bypass paying for simple parking tickets by donating 10 items of canned goods for a good cause–helping neighbors and struggling residents of the city. Rather than collecting citizens’ money, the police department deemed it more reasonable to help out the small community instead.

The Facebook post (above) received an overwhelming positive response, with one member of the community stating:

“I have to say this is one of the most incredible ideas! I’ve always considered most tickets just another way to collect taxes. This way a ticket turns into a blessing for someone. Congratulations to my Hometown and I hope it catches on everywhere,” said Gregory A. Palmer.

As much as we would love for this to be nationwide, the Strasburg police department is only allowing donations until December 31st of this year (2016).

Let’s hope more movements such as these continue to pop up to help those in need in our future! Sound like a great way to give back? Create a movement in your own city to get city officials on board for the greater good.


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