Anything Is Possible

Lucky Soul personifies the heart of a champion; someone who lets nothing
stand in the way of reaching their goals and dreams in life.

We are not just another brand. The idea behind Lucky Soul, an inspirational men’s and women’s athleisure brand came to its founder one night in a dream, it was pitch black and all he heard was a strange voice saying “Lucky Soul” over and over until he woke up.

It soon became reality from plenty of hard work, dedication and drive within. Ignoring negative feedback and people constantly telling him to give up his dream, Lucky Soul was born and founded on the vision of creating a worldwide movement of promoting social good. Synonymous with hope, success and the power of collaboration and through inspiration from art, music, sports, and fashion we create expressive products that are life affirming and help define one’s soul. Our collections serve a purpose far greater than just fashionable apparel items, they open the way for us to create real and lasting changes in the way people see themselves and others.

Thanks to our awesome partners, with the purchase of every product sold, you help grant wishes for children in need through Make-A-Wish, save a child’s life through Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and help fund research to find a cure for cancer. Anything Is Possible, If We Believe.

Lucky Soul is defined by 3 souls, whether you relate with one of our signature souls mentioned
below, or personify with a mixture of all three, we encourage you to find your soul.

Rebel Soul

Sense of humor, outspoken, does not follow the rules or crowd, ignores the status quo, outcast to society, honest, not tamed, fights for what they believe in.

Spiritual Soul

Positive, loves life, thinks optimistically, helps others, gives back, looks on the bright side of things, counts their blessings, believes everything has a silver lining, positive vibes only.

Warrior Soul

Competitive by nature, active/healthy lifestyle, yogis, athletes, love for sports, dedicated, hates to lose, will to win, unstoppable attitude, David vs Goliath mindset, fighter.


We are all SOUL LUCKY. We have life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.