NASA astronaut wears suit dubbed “Courage”, Painted by Children With Cancer


It’s always uplifting to hear stories about art meeting science, especially for children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins will be wearing a suit dubbed “Courage” in space on September 16th while live-chatting with children who have cancer from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, located in Houston, Texas.

Rubins has a bachelor’s degree in cancer biology and will be answering questions regarding cancer itself from the children who are involved in the project. She is currently aboard the ISS (International Space Station).

The suit was painted and gifted from the kids themselves who are struggling with cancer. A total of three suits have been created for astronauts to wear during their missions outside of Earth’s realm. The purpose? NASA says the suit has been created “to raise awareness about the benefits of pairing art with medicine.”

Let’s hope we get to see more astronauts bringing awareness to battling cancer in the future!


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